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Adult Rehabilitation Centers Program


About The Program

The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center program is effectively unique in that we take a holistic approach to substance abuser recovery. We focus on behavioral change by redirecting addictive thoughts and replacing addictive habits. You will work both in groups and one-on-one with counselors to address the core issues and unique circumstances at the root of your problems.

You will be assigned to one counselor for your entire stay at the ARC, giving you the opportunity to build a rapport that can provide meaningful results. Your counselor will work with you side-by-side through the six levels of our program, as you walk the path of your own recovery journey.

By journaling and sharing your thoughts about your substance abuse, your home life, coping skills, and more, you’ll have the opportunity to reflect on your specific needs and gauge your growth in the program as you address these issues. 

Additionally, courses on addiction education encompassing anger management and domestic violence intervention, life skills and relapse prevention will be part of your daily schedule, along with regular 12-step meetings. 


Work Therapy

In addition to spiritual counseling and education, our program features a work therapy element that will give you the opportunity to replace addictive thoughts, habits, and behaviors with healthier, more productive activities. Work therapy can also help you gain functional work experience and to identify particular core issues in recovery.

You will learn skills that will help you return to your existing career or make you more marketable for employment once you complete the program, including: office and retail skills, customer service, maintenance and repair handiness, security operations, food service and more. Work therapy also reinforces basic fundamentals of successful employment such as responsibility, reliability, punctuality, professionalism, and more. Work therapy is provided five days a week within the center, at all 35 metro Detroit Salvation Army family stores, and in our warehouse.

At the end of your time with the ARC, you will have built a solid foundation and resume to help you re-enter society, seek employment, and reunite with your family and friends.

The Cost of Giving

The generosity of those who donate goods to - and purchase goods from - our 35 metro Detroit family thrift stores helps offset the cost of our programs and services and therefore health insurance is never a requirement.


Entering the ARC program is easy with access to onsite admissions all day, every day. With a capacity for nearly 300 people simultaneously, the ARC is able to quickly enroll you in our substance abuser rehabilitation program.

For immediate assistance
call our 24-hour helpline at 313-965-7760 ext. 234 or simply walk in.

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